What is modern day Slavery?


Working 5 days a week and waiting for the weekend to come so we can relax our brain muscles. As we wait, the weekdays seems to go like centuries and as we enter into weekends, time seems to travel faster than the speed of light.

The companies that we work for may give us fat pay checks that will enable us to dine in top tier hotels,wrap ourselves with branded clothes, travel in exotic vehicles, live in penthouses. But are those just perks for being their slaves?

It is not living when you get up early in the morning and run to work and tirelessly jam yourself for longer hours and then come home and crash in your bed and repeat it all over again the next day. we do all this for 5 days a week so that we can enjoy just 2 days ??

Let’s do the math and see, there are 261 working days and 52 weekends(which is 104 days) in a year*.

*This is excluding all holidays and other festivals.

so we work (261/365)*100=71.5% throughout the year, fooling ourselves that if we work 71.5% of the year out we can enjoy (104/365)*100=28.49% )of the year happily. And we consider this as a WIN-WIN situation???

Most of the time we work for someone else’s dream and fail to follow our passion. The reasons?? family responsibility, debts to settle,scared to go out of the ordinary and seemingly look weird one out of the crowd.

This system of working has been there for decades, right before Internet Explosion to, sadly even after Internet explosion. Very very few companies work differently and make sure all the employees in their company are happy with their work.

We all are running behind monetary gains. And by the time we get it, we will be too feeble to enjoy it. Money is like air, don’t try to chase it and catch it.Stand where you are ,walk at a pace that is good for you and feel the air, breathe it and understand that you can’t own it, all you can do it is use it and let it pass to someone else.



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